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There is a particular kind of prestige one feels when entering Passamaneria Toscana store in Florence, Italy. The kind that can only be achieved by possessing an ‘artistry’ history that stretches back centuries and a heritage that most luxury decor brands dream of acquiring. Passamaneria Toscana is the trimmings and fine finishes maker, the benchmark against which all others, in Europe and beyond, have been measured for most of the 20th century until today.


It’s easy to become charmed by the eccentricity of the brand upon opening the doors of the store. The plush flooring, panelled walls, and richly layer out fabrics, trimmings, finishes and home décor. Visiting this place is like stepping into Italian Renaissance.

All of this would mean nothing, though, if Passamaneria Toscana did not have the same transformative effect on the individual as it does on the homes interior.


The values they’ve retained mean that their trimmings, finishes and decor hand making stills have remained largely unchanged since their inception, in terms of quality and finishing. Passamaneria Toscana cushions have their own personality that can only be appreciated once seen by the eye. ‘They are simply the best.’


Collection: Leopard brocade fabric with trim

Measurements: 45cm x 45cm and 30cm x25cm

Packaging: 37 x 26 x 7 cm

(Sold as a set of two, insert not included)

  • Brand:
  • Passamaneria Toscana
  • SKU:
  • MAN/RIE/PTF-TG13\7
  • Materials ++ Care Notes:
  • Flax, Silk, Rayon, Viscos Professionally Dry Clean Only
  • Condition:
  • Pristine!
  • Stylish Gift Packaging for the busy, fashionable ++ discerning giver:
  • At AgathaO House of Design we believe gift giving should be pretty, stylish, a little mysterious & make people feel extra special! Our matte black & gold gift boxes are beautifully assembled, luxurious, always chic & shipped directly to you or a friend!
  • Stylish Gift Packaging for the busy, fashionable ++ discerning giver:
  • Perfect for group gifting! For your bridesmaids (any girl gang really), employee gifts, client gifts and more! (Each box is 37 x 26 x 7 cm)
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  • This item is available for shipping to clients nationally & internationally

Handmade Decorative Cushion Set

Custom hand crafted in Italy for AgathaO House of Design with the best fabrics and trimmings according to the authentic Florentine art of decoration, and as seen in the most prestigious Florentine Villas and luxuries homes throughout the world.


Featuring Sophia Loren in her Geneva home with richly layered hand crafted home decor.



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