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Maximise the potential of each location

The aim is to maximise the potential of each location and relate the design concept to the desired clientele, as per the brief. Each new interior is an imaginative departure from more predictable interpretations, while still respecting the functionality of the space. Each AgathaO House of Design project demonstrates individualistic design and signature warmth.

Evidence-Based design 

Published author and evidence-based design consultant and guest presenter, Agatha’s approach is multi-faceted. A merging of social, economic and design trends from around the world with patterns from history, the latest scientifically proven laws in neuropsychology and cognitive behaviour, and architectural principles and artistic imagination.


This nascent field of people-centred emotionally intelligent evidence-based design provides the context for anticipating and forecasting customer’s needs to achieve more in-depth design solutions. It plays a significant role in critical brain functions to deepen the client/customer experience, build brand identity, and help grow the business ensuring capital is invested wisely.

DESIGN portfolio

Fields of expertise

AgathaO House of Design’s award winning and wide-ranging field of expertise spans new and refurbished projects, including:


Luxury residential homes, landscapes and boat design.


Corporate workplace and serviced apartments with a cutting-edge and international perspective.


Medical facilities and aged and disability care providers with a holistic living approach.


Retail and consumer service industry spaces, with a focus on designing brands and places, big and small, that people seek out and remember, and that define and sustain the communities and businesses they serve.


Hospitality projects with a commercially grounded focus, including hotels, café and restaurants, fine wineries, boutique wine bars and hip clubs.


Residential dwellings for commercial markets, including display villages; mixed-use residential, commercial multi-unit apartment blocks and community subdivisions.


AgathaO House of Design has featured in national and international publications, including South Australian lifestyle magazine SA Life, leading Australian architectural magazine Abode, and a book by a United Kingdom-based publishing house Successful Women In Business.


Agatha featured in SA Life’s ‘SA’s Bright Sparks’, an article profiling the ‘innovators, entrepreneurs, the doers and thinkers who will lead the State in the next decades’. Abode ranked her up with the ‘best projects from some of the best designers and builders in Australia’. And Successful Women In Business is ‘an inspiring, thought-provoking insight into the stories behind Australia’s most successful business women’.