DESIGN experience ++ expertise

Recognition ++ alliances

Agatha Ozhylovski has worked as an architectural interior decorator and designer, landscape designer and evidence-based design consultant in the high-end residential and commercial markets for 20 years.


Over this time she has received local, national and international awards and recognition, and has pursued a number of interesting alliances internationally. These include an affiliation with the Saatchi Art Gallery London, and involvement in architectural and interior design projects in Europe.

Board memberships

Agatha is a member of a number of boards, including Adelaide Design Link, a professional alliance of leading architects, planners, designers, engineers, environmentalists and university researchers. Adelaide Design Link’s mission, with the support of the South Australian Government, is to share its expertise globally with developing cities in China, India, Southeast Asia and the Asia Pacific region.

Evidence-Based design

A specialist in the nascent field of evidence-based design, Agatha’s philosophy and work has featured nationally in medical journals, keynote speaker at medical conferences and across various design institutes.

Fields of expertise

Agatha’s fields of expertise are wide ranging and span new and refurbished residential luxury homes, landscape and boat design; corporate workplace and serviced apartments; medical, aged and disability care facilities; retail and consumer service spaces; the hospitality industry; and multi-storey apartment buildings, display villages and community subdivisions.

DESIGN philosophy

Modern luxury combined with old-world opulence ++ glamour

Agatha’s signature style is modern luxury combined with old-world opulence and glamour. She infuses art, music and fashion every step of the way. She believes in a Vogue way of living, working and playing; where design is defined by people, lifestyle and culture.

Relationship between spaces ++ people

Agatha’s ongoing exploration of the relationship between spaces and people through lifelong education recognises that good design requires a quality aesthetic and successful interactions between people and place. She provides not only a design service, but also an information service as an evidence-based design consultant and presenter.

DESIGN difference

Fashion meets architecture

Fashion meets architecture; classic living is reborn with a modern take that brings fresh definition to lavish interior spaces. Born in Poland and raised in Australia, Agatha’s design style combines European elegance with elements of the more relaxed Australian lifestyle.

Today’s lavish interiors

The result is evident across an eclectic mix of projects. Principally, a fine fusion of interior design and the craftsmanship associated with couture fashion to provide clients with the ultimate in today’s lavish interiors. But also, where appropriate, a lighter touch. 

Commercial design niche

Commercial design is a niche market demanding the ability to forecast and strategise interior design market trends, with an eye on today while also referencing the past. This translates into interior design that is much more than a creative pursuit; rather, it realises the full potential of people, performance, place and commerce.

The result is design solutions imbued with a deeper meaning and ideas that are unseen to the untrained eye. But recognisable for Agatha’s indefinable warmth.