THE NEW BLACK, BEWITCHING SHADES OF GREY - steel this designer look by mark alexander

Steel this designer look by Mark Alexander which is defined by natural qualities, subtle design, and muted shades of grey which consist of embroidered linens, prints and weaves.


This collection of richly, textured weaves with a strong sense of modernity in their metallic colourations are influenced by Art Deco through to Early Hollywood grace. The Metropolis collection of designer fabrics incorporates an exciting mix of bouclé, chenilles and velvets in signature colours including bestselling Vellum and Silvershell.

While many people play it safe with colour by sticking with off-whites, tans, and taupe's, dark colour schemes shouldn’t be overlooked.

Neutral colour schemes, if done well are typically light, airy, and welcoming, while dark colours create drama, excitement and mystery. This intimacy and character cannot be achieved by any other tonal value.

If you’re in the dark about deeper colour tones, don’t think that you have to immediately paint your walls in the strongest shade; there are ways that you can adopt deeper hues gradually. Start by introducing a strong colour that can easily be integrated into your current décor, then work it into your colour scheme a step at a time by adding matching accents.

Even a small shift in your colour palette can make a difference in the way a room looks. If you’re tired of a monochromatic colour scheme break things up by adding some contrast such as darker coloured lamp shades, dark coloured curtains or hang a piece of artwork in a deep colour palette. You may have noticed, grey has been pretty hot for some time now, and it is an absolutely brilliant background colour when decorating.

If you want to go to the extreme, go black. It fits comfortably into all colour schemes; it creates contrast and striking visual interest. Start by introducing a piece of black furniture, lamps and wall art. Just one or two black items can add drama to an otherwise colourless room.

Of course, not everyone has a fear of dark colours; some people love them. If you’re in that camp, then by all means saturate your interiors with deep colour tones such as shades of grey which are luxurious, psychologically comforting and simply chic. The bold can indeed be beautiful!

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(The featured interior design home décor items are available for purchase through Agatha O at House of Design in Adelaide and or interstate. There will be more items coming soon, so be sure to check back often!)


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