Art you'll want to walk on! With your imagination and the superb range of borders, all the natural floor-coverings, can be made into floor or wall rugs of almost any size and shape.

An extensive range of European Cotton, Chenille Cotton, Jute, and Linen borders in natural and colour fast designer toning’s, as well as a range of leather and woven tapestry borders. Your own choice of fabric may also be used to coordinate with your furnishings. Ancient materials with a modern touch!

For thousands of years our ancient ancestors covered their floors with woven natural fibres like coir, sisal, jute, paper, rush and bamboo. Modern technology has revolutionised these once primitive materials to produce strikingly simple floor coverings full of texture, character and style.

Elemental and dramatic, the woven floor coverings are the choice of modern designers and architects seeking to make an impact in classic and contemporary living spaces. The range of woven carpets represent the best of a wide variety of available weaves, patterns and colours, but it’s more than just good looks; these fibres are especially good for allergy sufferers. With regular vacuuming the accumulation of dust is very minimal, this is due to the nature of the very tight weaving process. An added bonus for sufferers is that both coir and sisal fibre contain tannins which repel dust mites, they are also antistatic making them easy to maintain, they are extremely hard wearing while providing sound absorption, but also being surprisingly soft underfoot.

All of the woven carpets can be made into floor rugs or installed wall to wall using a quality underlay, giving you a luxurious feeling underfoot while also providing a good foot massage.

The entire range of woven carpets is environmentally friendly. The natural fibre carpets are made completely from renewable resources, the dyes used are acid free and conform with all European standards, and made from plant fibre they break down. Even the woven Platinum Antron® 6.6 Nylon fibre commercial carpet comes with the green tick of approval, this is due to the fibre being recyclable, the energy used for manufacturing the Antron® fibre is 30% lower than the European benchmark. Added to this is the durability of the product, lasting longer on the floor, lessens the need to replace it as often as normal carpet.

These fibres are graded and blended together to give us these luxurious, 100% natural colour tones. The fibres are then spun and woven on Wilton looms. This method of weaving carpet dates back hundreds of years, the end result is a durable woven product, which is extremely hard wearing and dimensionally stable. Also this weaving process means the carpet does not suffer from the delamination or stability weakness often associated with standard tufted carpets.

·         Naturally beautiful

·         A 100% sustainable fibre.

·         The pure colours retain the natural beauty of the fibre.

·         Excellent fire retardancy, thermal and acoustic properties.

·         Extremely strong and durable.

·         No harsh dyeing processes use in manufacture.

·         Natural wool - able to regulate the humidity of an interior naturally.

·         Naturally non-allergenic.

·         Reduces energy costs: Thermal insulation reduces energy costs as wool carpets help keep you warm in winter and cool in summer because of its superb insulation properties and its ability to regulate humidity. The thicker the carpet, the better the level of insulation provided.

·         Noise insulation

PLAIN COLOURED JUTE, COTTON or LINEN BINDINGS: We have a large range of plain coloured bindings to choose from, these bindings can be applied in two methods

• Standard binding method: Showing a 50mm wide binding, top stitched with folded mitered corners, see top right.

• Deluxe binding method: Showing a 70mm wide binding, blind stitched (a technique used to conceal the stitching) with padding and tailored mitered corners, see middle right.

You can also choose from narrow or wider finish binding widths, twin or triple coloured edgings.

TAPESTRY & FABRIC BINDING: We have a range of European tapestry and fabric bindings to choose from, however we can also apply your own fabrics to our carpets. All tapestry and fabric bindings are applied using our Deluxe binding method only, normally showing around a 120mm wide binding, however this may vary due to the style of the particular fabric required. See bottom right.

LEATHER BINDING: We have a range of leather bindings to choose from. Again all leather bindings are applied using our Deluxe binding method only (see top left). Showing a 70mm wide binding but you can choose the thickness of the binding, anywhere between 30mm up to 120mm wide finish.

TURNED EDGES WITH UNDERLAY: This is our most simple way of making a rug without an edging, where we turn and glue back the edges, like a hem and then we adhere an underlay to the underside of the rug.

This gives a flat finish and a softer feel under foot. This method of binding does result in the rug having slightly rounded corners (see middle left).

SELF EDGING: This is our premium style of binding, where we use the same product as the floor rug for the border, normally showing an 120mm wide finish, but again you can choose the thickness of binding from 70mm upwards. Self edging is an under stated, very elegant and timeless finish (see bottom left).

UNDERLAY: Our underlay can be added to all of our floor rugs, this giving better sound absorption and a softer feel under foot.

This product range is available at AgathaO House of Design by appointment only / consulting services, to book a consultation email us

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