Agatha Ozhylovski (AgathaO House of Design) was delighted to be a key speaker at the Aesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network (APAN) Medical Conference in Perth on October 23rd.

Topic presented by Agatha Ozhylovski, the nascent field of neuroscience combined with architectural interior design, referred to as Evidence-Based Design.  

The conference aims to bring together, both future generations and most senior industry professionals and managers. Amounts industry related topics the event aims to focus on leadership challenges and improve service and care delivered to patients.

MINDFUL DESIGN – The new tool for business growth.

People are good at expressing what they want, what they like, and even how much they will pay for an item, product, or a service. But what they aren’t good at is accessing where that value comes from, how and when they were influenced in making purchasing decisions. This is where a nascent field of neuroscience combined with architectural interior design comes into play.

Neuroscience is a new tool used to determine why we prefer some products, companies and /or services over others, and why are we so loyal to them. Architectural interior decoration and design puts these studies into practice creating emotionally intelligent environments to further affirm your business culture. What does your business say about you? What message are you giving your clients?

Agatha Ozhylovski from AgathaO House of Design is an internationally recognised and awarded interior designer. She will explain how raw brain data combined with architectural interior decoration and design is helping companies unlock the mysteries of consumer choice and obtain long-term growth in an increasingly competitive business landscape.

At this lecture participants learnt:

++ What message are you giving to your clients when they enter your premises?

++ As competition grows and many businesses provide the same services, how can you create a point of difference?

++ How can you provide your clients both results as well as a unique experience?

++ The power of colour and texture?

APAN is an independent professional body working to increase standards, recognition and integrity of the Aesthetics Industry in Australia. It represent the industry as a whole including; practitioners, clinics, nurses, beauty therapists, suppliers and other Aesthetics Industry professionals.

APAN communicates industry needs to the government, identifies ways to improve skills and knowledge through formal education, alliances, conferences, courses, workshops, expos and programs.

Tina Viney (CEO) of Aesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network is a leading authority in the Aesthetics Industry. Winner of five industry awards, as well as Honorary Award in Hong Kong by the International Professional Standards Body.



Agatha Ozhylovski is the creative director behind AgathaO House of Design. Agatha infuses art, music, and fashion every step of the way. She believes in a Vogue way of living, working and playing; where design is defined by people, lifestyle and culture.

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