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A spectacular display of serveware including 6 Plates (22cm in diameter), 6 Plates (27cm in diameter), 6 deep Plates (22cm in diameter), 1 Covered Vegetable bowl (measuring 1.60L), 1 Sauce-boat (measuring 0.55L), 1 Salad Bowl (20cm in diameter) and 1 Platter (34cm in diameter).


The Meandre D'Or collection impressively demonstrates simplistic classical elegance.


In the foreground of the products in this collection Versace use their distinctive Medusa head as the only decorative element. With a first-class relief technique a plastic impression is conveyed; the head of the Medusa stands out from the surface and shimmers in a beautiful gold tone in a minimalistic and contemporary style. This is the perfect set for a fine dining experience on a modern, chic table.


  • Brand:
  • Gianni Versace
  • Materials ++ Care Notes:
  • 100% Porcelain
  • Condition:
  • Pristine!
  • Delivery ++ Returns:
  • This item is ONLY available to Adelaide clients! within Adelaide CBD & Adelaide metro area. Other location delivery will be advised within 48 hours with reference to availability, expected delivery date & cost
  • Delivery ++ Returns:
  • This Item Has Been Sold Out

Versace Meandre d'Or Dinner Set

Gianni Versace's world famous sumptuously ornamental emblem of the Gorgon's head is the motif of this harmonious tableware. The head of the Medusa shimmers in an elegant gold tone. The gold decor is exclusively hand applied with unique craftsmanship.



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Available within Adelaide CBD and Adelaide metro area ONLY.

(Other locations delivery may be offered and will be advised within 48 hours with reference to availability, expected delivery date & cost)

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