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People-centred emotionally intelligent design

This new field of people-centred emotionally intelligent design combines proven scientific law in neuropsychology and cognitive behavior with architectural principles and artistic imagination; and/or incorporates emerging social, economic and design trends from around the world, with patterns from history, primary market research, demographic analysis, competition mapping, consumer behavioural analysis, project analysis and strategy planning.

Deepen the client/customer experience

It plays a significant role in critical brain functions to deepen the client/customer experience, and provide the context for anticipating and forecasting customer’s further needs, and clients brand identity, to achieve more in-depth design solutions ensuring capital is invested wisely.


This analysis is the catalyst for the success of the current project, as well as future projects.


The success of any commercial project is founded on the ability to clearly understand client’s business

The success of any commercial project is founded on the ability to clearly understand client’s business, their market audience and future market trends, to exploit opportunities while reducing risk.


Evidence-Based Design ensures all of the elements involved are explored, analysed and measured. Project outcomes are defined and the ability to influence is high, while the cost to change is low.


Author and authority in Evidence-Based Design, Agatha’s ability to analyse a space and the relationship of the space with the people who occupy it is a key strength.

Evidence-Based Design provides impartial assessment of project viability and is relied upon by business owners when making their project planning, investment and/or financing decisions. An integral part of the process is the identification of current and future market trends.


AgathaO House of Design experience and familiarity with international trends are then applied to maximise a project’s long-term competitive advantage.

Evidence-Based Design combines

It’s about value adding

AgathaO House of Design combines modern design trends with real-world commercial needs. Up-to-date information and accurate forecasting helps businesses make key investment decisions relating to product development, marketplace introduction, advertising and/or pricing well in advance. This helps ensure the company makes a profit on a venture and is ahead of its competition, with capital invested wisely.


‘It’s about value adding through strategy planning, market analysis and employing the latest in design trends’.

Fields of expertise

Over the years AgathaO House of Design has worked closely with and advised corporations on various residential, commercial and hospitality projects, and featured in national medical journals, and a keynote speaker at a medical conference specialising in this niche design field.

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A specialist in the nascent field of evidence-based design, Agatha’s philosophy and work has featured nationally in medical journals, keynote speaker at medical conferences and across various design institutes.

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