MEDICAL JOURNAL - new paradigms shifts and the power of interior design

Agatha Ozhylovski (AgathaO House of Design) was delighted to be featured in a medical journal specialising in the nascent field of neuroscience combined with architectural design, referred to as Evidence-Based Design.

In recent years the study of neuropsychology and cognitive behaviour has uncovered new disciplines and provided us with a better understanding how we think, feel and how we are influenced in making decisions. These studies are also offering insight on how others engage with us, and what influenced their decisions.

Art and science may seem like polar opposites; however, collaboration between the arts and sciences has the potential to create new knowledge, ideas and processes beneficial to both fields. When working together they open up new ways of seeing, experiencing and interpreting the world around us.

Evidence-Based Design is an emotionally intelligent architectural interior decoration and design with scientifically proven laws. It is about designing for the automatic responses that humans have developed over the millennium as we evolved, and for things we are not even aware of.

Aesthetics Practitioners Journal (APJ) profiled Designer Agatha Ozhylovski and her client Dr. Erfan Rahbar MBBS, as well as featured medical practice project designed for Dr. Erfan Rahbar by AgathaO House of Design using Evidence-Based Design discipline.



Agatha Ozhylovski is the creative director behind AgathaO House of Design. Agatha infuses art, music, and fashion every step of the way. She believes in a Vogue way of living, working and playing; where design is defined by people, lifestyle and culture.

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