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A cool bedroom for children can be a virtual fantasy world in itself

From infancy to childhood, children are constantly moving through different stages of development. One of the key elements of early childhood is a sense of discovery and imagination. But a bedroom is also a multi-functional space - a place to sleep fundamentally but in the absence of a playroom, it will also be a space to play and to store toys.


As children become older, their bedrooms become a space to relax, read, perhaps to watch television or play games, chat to friends and host sleepovers. Therefore, it is essential to plan them carefully when your child is young - to ensure that they are a versatile space which can be easily adapted as they grow, has good storage and a design scheme which will not date quickly.

Children's bedrooms can become very colourful once their toys, pictures, bed linen, rugs and curtains have been added, it can often be a good idea to paint or wallpaper the walls in a neutral colour, particularly if the room is on the smaller side. If all the walls are in a bold colour with colourful accessories, the room will not be a restful environment and encourage hyperactivity. However, if there is a separate playroom where many of the toys will be kept, then you can have walls which are more adventures and creative.

If your child has reached an age where they have started to develop their own personality and tastes, it is a good idea to have them involved in the process from the beginning. After all, he or she will be the one using the room, and obviously a child’s needs are very different to those of an adult. It will also give them a sense of ownership and pride.

Girls tend to like pink and purple colours, but too much in a room can be overwhelming - calm it down with soft greens or aquas. Many new wallpapers and fabrics for girls incorporate these colours within the pattern, thereby limiting the amount of pink and or purple that is used. The designer fabrics and wallpaper range featured below is ideal for young children and teenagers as a number of different colours are incorporated into most of the designs, as well as it adapts to a number of different age groups.

Children can outgrow themes very quickly so choose carefully, if you accessories only with Bob the Builder or Barbie you can easily store them away when they reach a new phase in their growth development.

Remember, children lose interest easily and change their `favourites` quickly. Unless you want to change your child’s bedroom decor frequently, steer your discussions in favour of neutral colours on walls and furniture, and be creative with accessories only.

The nautical theme has been very popular for boy’s bedrooms over many years as it can be easily adapted as the child becomes older, and it compliments our Aussie beach lifestyle. It is a look that is easily achieved with the additions of items such as nautically-themed pictures, sailor hooks, gingham checks, curtains and cushions with flags and boats, seaside colours of blues, beiges and whites with splashes of red. But don’t go overboard with the red colour as it evokes powerful and strong emotions and can add to aggression and anger.

If you are expecting the arrival of a newborn and don't know the child's gender, choosing a gender-neutral colour scheme can be a great solution.

Storage is essential for children's bedrooms. Toys, books and accessories tend to accumulate. Bookshelves at an easy reach from the child's bed are a good idea so they can choose their bedtime read before they snuggle down. Storage units with colourful tubs or baskets are excellent for holding items such as Lego. It is much easier persuading children to tidy up if it is made easy for them, having tubs to put designated items back into or shelves with plenty of space makes it easier for children to put away their toys. A bed with drawers underneath provides handy extra space for clothing or toys.

As children get older, having friends for a sleepover can be a regular occurrence. Investing in a pull-out trundle bed is perfect for smaller bedrooms as they contain storage as well as a second mattress which can be pulled out when a friend comes to stay.

Before you give free rein to your child’s imagination and decorative skills bear in mind a few safety and maintenance issues you need to consider:

  • Children will want to play as freely as possible without you having to worry about the home décor, therefore hardwood floors are practical from a cleaning point of view.

  • Carpets and rugs provide a soft and cosy surface for them to kneel on and play, but they may also aggravate some allergies and not to mention difficult to clean.

  • Wallpaper which can be wiped clean may also be a good design solution.

  • Curtains, rugs, pillows and bedding should be easily removable and machine washable.

  • Choose furniture with curves instead of sharp corners for safety.

  • Make use of recesses in walls for build in furniture and storage.

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Children's bed rooms designed with parents in mind
















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The best way to develop a design plan for an infant's room is to think through the big picture of your family life













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Kids wallpapers, cushions and other super stylish children's interior products

































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Fill your children's room with fun and creativity!











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Designing your children’s room around their individual personalities is a great way to build character





















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Good design teachers children style and beauty

































Does your child have a hip and happening bedroom?


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