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Thomas K Hardy

Thomas K Hardy is the fifth generation Thomas Hardy. He began his career in the industry at an early age, and over the years worked in many areas of the family business.


He recalls with fondness his first taste of wine at the age of seven—claret mixed with lemonade given to him by his Aunt Madeline. She introduced his uncle Sir James Hardy to wine in the same way.

In 1985, Thomas Hardy produced the Pictorial Atlas of Australian Wine, with five editions selling 170,000 copies worldwide.

Thomas says that wine is a reflection of the people who make it; it imbues its character. ‘But it can’t be taken out of context, as it’s as much about the friends, food and atmosphere that leave a memorable and lasting impression’, he says.

As a wine master craftsman over the past 10 years, Thomas has created a successful range of wines from grapes grown in prestigious cool-climate wine areas of South Australia. In 2003, the wine entrepreneur took it upon himself to establish the Thomas K Hardy Wine Society, to foster the understanding and enjoyment of fine wine, food and hospitality throughout the world.

Thomas’s passion for great wine and food constantly shines through in conversation; there could not be a more hospitable host.

With his collection of wines depicted as rich in character, round and generous, not hard and tannic, some may wonder if it is the wine or man being described. Thomas recalls when Sir James Hardy said to him over a drink one day, ‘You will never die wondering what if’.  Having done and tried all the fruits that life can offer, Thomas says some people take themselves and things too seriously.  ‘In business you may fail miserably, but at the same time you may succeed greatly in life.’ An insight into a man who’s glass is always half full.

Despite being in the wine industry all of his life and a fifth generation winemaker, Thomas says he still learns new things about the industry. He travels regularly to places like Vinexpo to stay in touch with the marketplace. ‘With wine, the more you know the less you know as it keeps evolving—in different regions and climates, and in character and style’, he says.

And what stood out for Thomas at the 2011 Vinexpo?  ‘The bottling by Alexander Aqva di Vita and marketing by  and wine retailers with a niche clientele of wineconnoisseurs selling a range of the best quality, first growth wines in small test tubes, allowing the connoisseur to try, taste and enjoy the best at affordable prices. The company is simply called Wit.  Plus sharing a glass or two of Louis Royer Cognac with Jèrôme Royer, who is also the Mayor of Jarnac where Thomas has a holiday rental property.

Deciding to share a final glass of wine and tapas after our wine marketing adventure at Vinexpo, Thomas and I settled on Le Train Bleain Paris just before I boarded the plane. We couldn’t depart without trying one last new flavour, appropriately from Château Adelaide—Voltige Gaillac 2010. A white, fruity, dry, crisp wine made and bottled on the property.
Thomas .K. Hardy Pictorial Atlas of Australian Wine

Wit selection of wine labels

Alexander Aqva di Vita


interior_designer_adelaide_Agatha_Ozhylovski_Thomas.K.Hardy_wine_maker_Jèrôme Royer_cognac_maker
Jèrôme Royer - Mayor of Jarnac, France & Louis Royer Cognac maker + Thomas.K.Hardy - wine maker & author + Agatha Ozhylovski - interior designer (Vinexpo France 2011)

A collection of wines by Thomas K Hardy ‘I am proud to present these super premium wines to you, the finest I can craft.’













Thomas. K. Hardy Range: Imprimatur, Family Tradition and Thomas’ Trek











I wish I grew up with an Aunt Madeline …


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