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future_of_architectureWhat does your future home look like? As world population soars, good design in residential buildings is more important than ever.


However, future thinking is never one-dimensional. In some places designers must consider shrinking household size and growing demand for easy access to public transport, work and urban leisure. In others, changing demographics are driving new demand for high-quality housing.

Worldwide, merging of information and technology with urban infrastructure is opening up new possibilities for connectivity and convenience in residential living. Globally architects and designers specialising in key markets are providing advanced housing solutions worldwide.

Eco Friendly Home Design - Perhaps the most exciting and important trend in home design is the increased sensitivity to the environment.

Re-used Home Structure Design - New buildings aren't always entirely new. A desire to protect the environment and to preserve historic architecture is inspiring architects to re-use older structures.

Prefab Home Design - Trend-setting architects and builders are using modular building materials to create bold new designs with lots of glass and steel.

Healthy Home Design - Some buildings can literally make you sick. Home designers are becoming increasingly aware of the ways our health is affected by synthetic materials and the chemical additives used in paints and composition wood products.

Extreme Weather Conditions Home Design - Every shelter should be built to withstand the elements, being fire and or storms. Engineers are making steady progress in developing all weather-ready home designs.

Flexible Floor Plans Home Design - Changing lifestyles calls for changing living spaces. Tomorrow's homes have movable partitions allow flexibility in living arrangements. Dedicated living and dining rooms are being replaced by large multi-purpose family areas.

Universal Home Design - The homes of tomorrow will be easy to move around in, even if you or members of your family have physical limitations. "Inclusionary" design applies to spaces, features, and products to maximize the number of people who can function independently in a particular environment.

Indoor Outdoor Room Home Design - Interest in eco-friendly architecture has led to incorporating outdoor space design with the overall home design. The yard and garden become a part of the floor plan.

Smart Storage Home Design - Homeowners have demanded more storage space. Newer homes feature enormous walk-in closets, spacious dressing rooms, and plenty of easy-to-reach built-in cabinets.

Smart Layout Home Design – Smart layout uses the same principles as Feng Shui. You might not immediately see the Eastern influences in the design of your new home; however, you will soon begin to feel the positive effects of Eastern ideas on your health, prosperity, and relationships. 









































































































































































































What will your future home look like?


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