OFFICE STORAGE - a place for everything, and everything in its place

Office storage and shelving wall unit, a place for everything, and everything in its place.


Add a self-contained shelf tag, Arts and Crafts styling and hand-rubbed finish office storage cabinet and you've got clutter-conquering Founder's Cubby wall unit.

With eleven fully-removable apothecary dividers for storage, display or both, the Founder's Cubby makes short work of sorting out the valuables from the distractions. Once displayed, the customizable shelf labels offer a handsome reminder of your organizational goals.

Designed to rest atop our multi-purpose Founder's Cabinet lateral file (sold individually, the entire system is designed to help you get--and keep--your space under control.








Matching office desk from the collection;

Although some prefer not admit it, there are as many desk styles out there as there are workers who use them. That’s why we set out to create something entirely new. Impractically functional. And unapologetically unique. The result is our Colony style drawer desk.

Comprised of a simple box suspended on two stationary iron sawhorses, the period-defying design incorporates elements of Mission, Modern and Pasadena School in one intriguing piece. The center compartment features one pencil and two utility drawers for compact storage. And the wood-framed work surface is made even more engaging by a supple, chocolate leather top.

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