OFFICE DESK LAMPS - make a professional impression

New to our designer lighting collection, a stunning office desk lamp range! This is the ultimate in style and function with sleek and elegant lines.


First impressions are difficult to undo, and how you decorate your office reflects on you both as an individual and as a professional, so going beyond what is usual or ordinary.

Cutting edge contemporary, bold urban designs and dramatic sculptural forms are all encompassed in the sleek desk range. These are unique and original pieces of illuminated art which add style, drama and atmosphere to all contemporary interior environments.

Utilising high tech materials such as carbon fibre and textile cables the stunning desk lamp range also features patented adjusting mechanisms and award winning product design.

Each design comprises of a desk lamp and a floor lamp. They also make great contemporary bedside and lounge lamps. Every component of the desk lamp range is of the highest quality and workmanship.

Decorate and personalize your office in a welcoming and professional way so that both you and your visitors will feel comfortable. It's worth spending a bit of time and money to get it right---after all, during the workweek, you likely spend almost as much time at the office as you spend at home.













































































































































































































sleek, elegant + functional lighting for the home and work office...



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