NURSERY DESIGN - catch some zzz’s in your baby's nursery

Is there any other room more special to design than a nursery? Preparing the nursery for the new arrival is a wonderful way to celebrate the upcoming event.


Until recently, the approach was to visit a local baby furniture store to select the necessary items and then add pink or blue decor to go with it. While those resources are still wonderful for the basics, to create a designer room you need to create a unique style.

The shift in today’s nursery design is using furniture not specifically designed for a baby's room, the use of unusual mix of colours that defy the gender of the baby and adding delightful wall coverings such as wallpaper.

Start by finding your inspiration for the nursery from the wallpaper design itself, reflect it in the lines of the furniture and add a simple, sophisticated colour palette.

Caring for a baby takes a lot out of you. There are nights you will spend more time in the baby's room than in your own. Middle-of-the-night diaper changes, feedings — while everyone else in the house snoozes, you may found yourself in the nursery.

One smart solution to saving a new mom's sanity is incorporating a daybed or a sofa into the nursery decor. This extra seating can serve as a comfortable spot to sit with your little one, or to crash on those extra-difficult nights.

If adding an extra bed or couch to the nursery has you concerned about space planning, consider placing the crib at an angle. This will keep the furniture in the room from hugging the walls and will help open up the space.

Many families enjoy spending time in the nursery as the rooms are often peaceful, calming spaces, so add a few toys for older siblings; it will help them feel right at home too.

Having a cozy spot for nursing or resting the with baby is a nice way to pamper yourself during those first few tiring months that baby's home. When you're no longer spending as much time in the room, you can easily remove the extra furniture and place it in other areas of the home such a the children's play room.





















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 Designing your children’s room around their individual personalities is a great way to build character! do you agree or disagree?


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