MENTORING PROGRAM - by business women, for business women

Shameless self-promotion! Athena Publishing, UK’s publishing house is running a mentoring program written by business women, for business women in all professions. We are thrilled to be part of this network.


The aim of Successful Women in Business Mentoring Program is to bring fundamental knowledge to achieve business success.

(Extract from the post) "Forecast, strategise and when all else fails… think on your feet!

Calling out to all young savvy professional women who haven’t let the corporate glass ceiling stop them and who are ready to take on the global market.

I have never been one to stand in line with my hand out, and I don’t believe the only way to get inside is through the front door, I don’t see limitations, only opportunities to think outside the square. I have yet to come across a corporate glass ceiling in any interior design decor." - To read the rest of our feature go to Successful Women in Business blog











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