LIVING LARGE - bigger tiles best for the bathroom

We were delighted to be interviewed by Adam Hegarty for The Advertiser “bigger tiles best for the bathroom”.  Read it here.


LARGE tiles have become the latest trend among homeowners renovation their bathrooms. Interior designers say the large tiles make bathroom seen less cluttered and save on cleaning.

“Large tiles create a more open look, especially if laid in the simple, straight-stacked style,” said Sue Ellemor of Sue Ellemor Interiors. “This is excellent for homes with smaller bathrooms.

“By choosing to use large tiles, you will have less grout and clean, making it a much easier task for maintenance.”

When it comes to colours, Ms Ellemor says it is important to consider the space available.

“Small spaces can’t take bold colours in large amounts as the large bathrooms can,” Ms Ellemor said.

Agatha Ozhylovski of Agatha O House of Design says interior decorators were going “the bigger the better” thanks to smart drains and strip grates.

“We are using natural organic-looking tiles with a touch of sheen, which create an understated, timeless elegance,” she said.

Ms Ellemor said latest styles include dark and large Terrazzo tiles for both walls and floors, retro-style small square tiles on large panels for walls and glass tiles with bold colours and patterns.

She said the use of large tiles - about 600sq mm and some larger- were being used on walls to create a neater, cleaner look.

She said tiling walls to ceiling height remained popular if homeowners could afford to do so.

Ms Ozhylovski said creating a better bathroom was not just an indulgence, but a smart idea.















“One of the best home improvements you can make is adding a second (bathroom) or remodeling an existing bathroom,” she said

“A new bathroom can actually mean a huge improvement in your family’s quality of life”.

“A new bathroom can relieve those quarrels over morning traffic, as well as adding a whole new dimension of comfort.” 




























Ms Ozhylovski said picking fixtures and material, such as tiles, needed to keep with the person’s tastes and the “essential character” of the home.

“Don’t believe expensive means better”, she said. 



































 A HUGE thank you to Adam Hegarty

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