GOURMET KITCHENS - europe’s top kitchen design trends for 2013

We are so excited! KDCUK, London’s leading luxury designer kitchen company has interviewed us this week for an article on Europe’s Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2013; Read it here!


From the Experts: Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2013

We all want to have a designer kitchen but with fashions changing so fast, it can be hard to keep abreast of the latest trends. One moment a gadget or worktop material is latest must-have, the next it’s passé.

To help you get it right, we spoke to nine leading experts in the field of interior design to find out which trends are paving the way this year, plus which ones they expect will be here to stay…
















A flash of colour

Think modern, minimalist design needs to mean black, white and grey? Think again! “For the last 25 years, stainless steel has been the finish of choice. Now colour is back bringing happiness with it,” says interior designer Lynn Malone, who has written for Grand Design and Home Ideas. 













Interior designer Agatha Ozhylovski of House of Design agrees, telling KDCUK that “designer gourmet kitchens in 2013 will include bursts of colour-blocking in teal, mustard, soft grey, blue and walnut”. 













Anne Nathanson-Riddoch from Curtains Up recommends high-gloss splash backs with “black still being an popular trend but bright orange coming a close second” and adds that pillar box red is a brilliant colour for worktop appliances to bring them up to date. 













Yet another person we asked, Leo Pearson who is the buyer at Masters Home Improvement, thought this trend would be big news in 2013. He told us, “White is still the most popular colour but consumers are being brave and introducing some doors, splash backs and accessories in bright refreshing colours such as tangerine, lemon and lime.” 













It’s all in the texture

The quickest and easiest way to add a unique, modern touch to your kitchen is to play around with the textures on show, and splash backs seemed to be the perfect place to add character to an otherwise sleek and glossy kitchen.

“Exciting new limited-edition, hand-cast tiles made from recycled aluminium, copper and bronze are being used for splash backs” Jacinta Richmond from DXU Tiles told us, whilst Leigh Boswell of High Gate House commented that “all-white kitchens can look clean, fresh and fabulous when you add texture to the splash back or another product in the joinery. Have a bit of fun – splash back mosaic patterns can also look amazing!”. 













A masculine touch

As we move further into the 21st century, the kitchen is moving still further away from the ‘housewife’s domain’ of the 1950s and becoming a space where men want to relax or cook up a meal too. 













We spoke to interior design consultant Christa O’Leary who revealed that “no longer am I meeting solely with the women of the house. More often the couple want to meet with me together because they both have an opinion about what they want in their home. This year more rooms are going to have a masculine feel, including the kitchen”. 













Malone agreed, telling KDCUK that “influenced by reality television cooking programs and the changing dynamics of the modern family, there are more men cooking – and not just cooking on the barbeque. The kitchen is the new workshop”. 













A family affair

Kitchens aren’t just becoming more welcoming to men however; they’re inviting the whole family in! “Banquette seating is becoming increasingly popular. If the kitchen isn’t large enough to incorporate separate soft-seating areas, a banquette can bridge the gap between a kitchen chair and a sofa for casual entertaining” interior designer Robin Siegerman of Renovation Bootcamp told us. 













Nathanson-Riddoch spotted this trend too, adding that “family seating and entertaining are very much a must” in the 2013 kitchen













Going green

Last but by no means least, as with all things the kitchen is becoming more eco-friendly this year amidst growing concerns over the future of our environment. So, how can you add an eco touch to your kitchen renovation?

“Living walls of greenery have moved inside. With the conscious awareness around eating organic foods and creating a healthful environment, people are beginning to find creative ways to bring their organic gardens in to create a natural air purifying system. A wall of fresh fragrant herbs to cook with has visual impact and effective functionality” O’Leary told us, whilst Malone, Siegerman, Pearson and Ozhylovski all mentioned LED lighting as a modern, stylish and eco-friendly way to light the kitchen this year. 













Jessie Harvey, Granite Transformations’ resident trends expert, also pointed out that a kitchen renovation was a more eco- and budget-friendly option to opt for this year: “Stick with a makeover as opposed to a complete demolition. It’s better for the environment and can be completed in just a couple of days”.


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