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Global influence on design is not new; it has been felt for centuries. In order to compete in the current and future markets, design professionals need to prepare for globalization with emphasis on recognition of global trends as well as teaching tools to help transfer this knowledge into real life situations.


Globalization of our world today is part of everyone’s life. Whether or not you are an observer or a global businessperson, it is easy to see the effects of globalization. Great design transcends geographic borders, now is not the time to be bashful about getting away and bringing back bits from abroad. Travel with an open mind, a keen eye, and a willingness to re-invest in you!

Global influences are seen in almost every aspect of design. Historical design knowledge will aid in seeing future trends, and help to prepare for their adoption. Also, professionals need to recognize population, production and decor trends in relation to their market. History repeats itself, and trends come and go. Recognizing these trends is vital to a company’s success.

Ideas have constantly flowed from country to country and from East to West. Designs have spread in a number of ways; from military conquest, through to migration. It is impossible today to look through a design magazine and not recognize international influence.

Explorer Marco Polo introduced the West to the exotic styles of the Far East with his descriptive accounts of foreign travels. Marco Polo’s was responsible for the huge wave of everything Chinese. This style also spilled over into drama, ballet and art. Today this influence is seen in fabrics inspired by the period and designed by some of the most influential textile producers such as Schumacher and Brunschwig & Fils.

The speed and adoption of foreign influences has changed substantially, technological advances in the internet, global travel, and communication have made it possible to span the globe almost instantaneously at a click of a button.

We must learn how to integrate with other international design professionals, manufacturers and producers to offer products to a global market. Tracking demographic, construction, and design trends is essential. Watch areas such as population trends, residential trends, and business contract trends, with extra emphasis on the growth of the aging population, migration, and the changing family structure. Keep up with population growth as it leads to restructuring of companies and therefore widening the market with the aid of new technology.

Current political policies in the world are opening markets once closed due to conflicts. Foreign direct investment has opened new markets and multinational firms are investing in underdeveloped countries, which not only provide benefits to those countries but also expand global product sourcing.To succeed in business today it is vital that businesses are experts in all areas. It is necessary to learn how to analyse the global market and make timely decisions. The most valuable commodity is information; information leads to knowledge, and knowledge is power. The only difference is, today it is increasingly in the hands of many, not just a few.

Basic business today is the same, but yet totally different because we are living in a global society. Professionals need to be able to recognize trends and integrate them into their future philosophies using current resources available.

Students today are influenced by globalization; we are producing a multinational generation. Business leaders are recognizing the need for professionals with a global outlook.

Business and industry issues are increasingly complex due to job performance expectations, diminishing resources, global competition, and ethical considerations. Businesses that are not progressing will be left behind as new technology emerges.

Modernization use to mean 20 to 30 years, but now it means 2 to 3 years. To stay ahead, both designers and manufacturers have to be committed to life-long learning as well as experts in technology, business strategists, futurists, educators, marketers, customer service representatives, ethicists, and management consultants.

It is easy to say that the world is a global marketplace but are we ready for it?

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