FORECAST STRATEGISE DESIGN - what's behind today's award-winning hotel designs

Boutique hotels continue to lead the way in directing future trends, fuelled by travellers demand for value, unique experience and the comforts of home.


Remember when design hotels were all clean-lines, contemporary and so hip it hurt your eyes? For some time now there’s been a new mood in the air. One of imperfection, mix and mismatch, and quirky cool; a rawer, more homespun and personalized feel in tune with the honest times of today.

Today’s traveller wants a simpler sanctuary, where glossy surfaces and glib décor give way to texture, tone and intimate tales. It’s why boutique hotels, by their nature smaller, independent and more original then the corporate hospitality chains are on the up.

Consumers want experiences when they travel, not empty style statements. It’s about capturing the essence of the exterior envelope and its story, as opposed to design hotels that look the same.

Luxury is about personal experience and the emotion an environment brings. The feel-good factor here isn’t about lashings of space, but rather comforts with over-sized beds, seamless glass shower walls and tech-savvy technology, not giddy over gadgets.

Hotels that capture a real sense of place, accentuate their setting, the fabric of their buildings and local craftsman, culture and food are celebrating a successful formula.

For the past ten years hotels have rolled out a look and vibe that’s the same in every city. The key is to strive to create a sense of place that reflects the context each hotel is located in.


 If there’s one place that sums up this growing trend, it’s the Majestic Old Lion Apartments located in ultra-chic North Adelaide. The featured  internationally awarded design, (by Agatha Ozhylovski) has a warm colour palate which is natural and inviting, with original architectural features purposely left to reveal intriguing layers of faded history.

Deep burgundy over-sized marble reception desk, comfortable contemporary modern furniture, combined with an over-sized decorative mirror and a bold coloured floral floor rug setting the mood. The concept is picked up and expanded on with three designer bud light fittings over the reception desk, and again in the corner of the room above the guest lounge, which not only adds to the styling but also soften the room with a warm glow of ambient light. And finally ultra-modern wave designer vertical blinds imported from Germany to complete the look.

The philosophy behind the hotel design is to make guests feel like they are staying in a friend’s chic studio apartment. They experience a new style emotion, with familiar hospitality found in an old friend.

Also by mixing the styles it means that the interiors won’t date as fast as high-concept modern designs, and it avoids the feeling of a standard hotel clichéd styling. Luxury is more about a rich, layered experience of culture and comfort, not necessarily a price point.

"The niche area of my business is the ability to forecast and strategise past, current and future design market trends for commercial markets. At AgathaO House of Design, we understand that design is much more than a creative pursuit; it is about realising the full potential of people, performance, place and commerce. That is why we are dedicated to providing not only interior design services, but also strategic and innovative solutions that achieve business outcomes. The success of any project is founded on our ability to clearly understand our clients’ businesses, their market audience and future market trends, to exploit opportunities while reducing risk".






















Agatha Ozhylovski is the creative director behind AgathaO House of Design. Agatha infuses art, music, and fashion every step of the way. She believes in a Vogue way of living, working and playing; where design is defined by people, lifestyle and culture.

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