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Eclectic interior design is the ultimate ‘mish-mash’ of interior design styles. It is also your best opportunity to stamp your home with your unique and personal signature style…


Everything what we do, what we have, how we live or manage our life has a reason. However, it is not necessarily that it will be liked by everyone, we all have individual taste. Style or design is one of those life spheres, where thoughts and tastes differ.

There is a movement in the field of art called Eclecticism. The first person who has brought the term “eclectic” into the world is presumed to be Johan Joachim Winckelmann. This term was used for the work of Carracci, who created his painting combining classical tradition with the elements of Renaissance.

The philosophy behind the eclectic style is to combine elements, or particular styles from different time periods and or different origins within a single project.

Mixing together features of variety of styles does not necessarily look chaotic. On the contrary, eclectic style is harmonies, where different pieces of furniture, have their unique places. Also, all the elements are in a thoughtful connection with the other parts in the room.







































































































































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