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<img src="designer-bedding.jpg" alt="designer bedding" />Inspired by nature and ever-changing seasons, this range of bed-covers, sheets, throws and decorative cushions has a natural classic, timeless quality about it. It is perfect for relaxing with in the upcoming winter months.

Made from natural material and using some of the world’s finest threads such as wool, cotton velvets and silk, this range of designer bed linens speaks to those who appreciate art, fine fabrics and uniquely hand-crafted products.

Ideally suited to the Australian climate, this range is a contemporary take on the relaxed lifestyle and combines a palette of natural textures, tones, colours and moods to help you relax and re-connect with your inner self.

The designer bed linen range is made with 100% long-staple combed cotton sourced globally by a state-of-the-art spinning mill in India.

The selection of raw cotton is vital to spin the finest yarns, which enables weavers to create strong but smooth and soft fabrics. Equally important is the attention to cutting and stitching.

This designer bed linen currently uses three core fabrics – a cotton percale with a thread count of 320 per 10 sq cms and two variations of cotton sateen – one with a thread count of 650, and another at 900.

Percale is a closely woven soft fabric with a crisper feel than silky smooth sateen. The fabrics used are some of the finest cotton yarn available commercially today.

The 650 sateen comes in a subtle Hemstitch style and the 900 sateen in the Classic style. The styles and colours evolve seasonally.

While many people ask for the highest thread count available, thread count alone is not the sole measure of quality. Feel and personal preference is much more important when selecting bed linen.

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Agatha Ozhylovski is the creative director behind AgathaO House of Design. Agatha infuses art, music, and fashion every step of the way. She believes in a Vogue way of living, working and playing; where design is defined by people, lifestyle and culture.

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