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High end designer lighting products

As you're probably aware, in addition to being purely functional, lighting can also influence the mood of a room in three main ways.


First, the general illumination can strongly influence and set the mood of a room for any occasion. A brightly lit room creates a positive, upbeat mood and atmosphere. A darker room is more intimate and romantic.

A mistake many people often make in lighting their homes is they only have one style of lighting design. They either have so much light that you need sunglasses just to walk around or just a dim candle effect which strains your eyes. A good lighting design concept will be practical, functional as well as create an atmosphere.

Second, the lighting fixtures themselves express a mood. Some fixtures are traditional, some contemporary. Some are lavish and ornate, some are starkly simple. As with the furniture you select, the style of the lighting fixtures should be suitable in mood to the rest of your home decor.

Third, you can provide accents of light in specific parts of a room for no functional, but simply because they will add a dramatic touch. Three of my favourite lighting design effects are: to shine light up through the foliage of a plant producing an attention-grabbing interplay of lights and shadows all over the ceiling and walls. Lighting behind a sculptural wall art which again creates an interesting interplay of lights and shadows all over the walls and finally you can never go wrong with the floor lamp in the corner of the room next to a comfortable chair.

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Designer contemporary modern lighting

















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Finest designer lighting by world-renowned European designer



















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A very sexy strip tease!



















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Perfect ambient lighting



















 I LOVE these lights, they are a statement of style!


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