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Good lighting can make or break the ambience of a room, so it pays to get it right

Lighting, in addition to being purely functional also sets the mood of a room for any occasion. A brightly lit room creates a positive, upbeat mood and atmosphere, while a darker room is mysterious, intimate and romantic.

A mistake many people often make when illuminating their homes is that they only plan for one style of lighting design. Either, so much light that you need sunglasses just to walk around, or a dim candle effect which strains your eyes. A good lighting design needs to be practical, functional as well as create an ambiance.

All rooms need a variety of illumination; general lighting for everyday function and safety, ambient or background lighting, task lighting for close-up work or accent lighting to highlight special features. When I work with clients I always design the lighting scheme around their furniture and floor plan, so I know how the room will be used.

My all-time favourite lighting design effect is one which is most overlooked. I love walking up a stairwell with an oversized chandelier above me which throws dramatic light, shadow and pattern effects all the ceiling and walls. It is the ultimate attention-grabbing statement.

































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