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Read our interview with Jessica Magliulo in the Sunday Mail Home Magazine “Eminence Grise – Grey is the new black. Any colour under the sun will go with it, in a transformation from drab to decadent” 


EMINENCE GRISE - Grey is the new black. Any colour under the sun will go with it, in a transformation from drab to decadent

Who would have thought a few shades of grey could cause such a stir? As a neutral, it's snatched the edge from brown and ushered in more drama and intimacy in home interiors.

Interior decorator Agatha Ozhylovski says grey is one of her favourite colours to work with because it can create both relaxed sophistication and opulent glamor.

The secret to avoiding a cold and boring result is in the tone, and what you pair it with.

"The colour grey has personality, just like anything else" she says. "A cool-based grey can have the effect of being lifeless and depressing. If you have a warm grey, which is what is coming out of Italy at the moment, you can team it with linen to give you that comfortable, casual look"

"Any colour under the sun will go with it - reds, yellows or purples will crate a vibrant, happy grey."

The endless variation of grey that sit between pure white and black mean you can find a comfortable balance.

Deep hues will create a more enchanting ambience, and teamed with metallics, will help create a grandiose feel, "Metallics go beautifully with grey," Agatha says. "Silver suit minimalistic schemes, while gold brings a classic feel. Champagne strikes a balance - one minute you have a very modern look but he gold in the mix will give a hint of class, so you can really play with that."

When building or renovation, consider grey flooring options for a timeless, neutral base. Or opt for the usual soft furnishings such as curtains, rugs and cushions. Don't be afraid of wallpaper - a deep hue in a textured pattern will look fantastic behind a statement chair or sideboard. "The darker you go, the more impact it will have", says Agatha. "People are afraid of making the space feel closed-in but  the way you work with that is to add light. Ceiling lights, floor lamps and table lamps will add depth and cosiness."




















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