ANALYSING ELEMENTS - Open panel discussion

Last Friday night in Adelaide Kitchen and Bathroom Designers Institute of Australia (KBDi) held an open panel discussion on Analysing The Elements – at the Art Gallery of South Australia.

The panellists discussed their experiences on space, line, form, light, colour, texture and pattern; offering the audience an engaging, interactive, and meaningful insight.

The focus was on Design + Architectural element and the overall effect they have on design– from aesthetic trends to client intergradation within the space, which our panellists Amanda Balmery, of Wax Designs; Susanna Bilardo, of Enoki; and Agatha Ozhylovski, of AgathaO House of Design – led by Mal Corby, of Mal Corby Design, (New Zealand’s most awarded kitchen designer) – discussed with conviction.

It was a great afternoon of discussion and opinion, and good company. Thank you again to Schweigen session sponsor (designers of Australia's most efficient silent rangehoods) who opened the bar afterwards in the Courtyard of the Art Gallery of South Australia.

Meet the panellists; 

Mal Corboy (Mal Corby Design): New Zealand’s most awarded kitchen designer, Mal Corboy, was recently recognized in the ‘DuPoint Corian Top 50’ alongside a select group of internationally renowned designers. Mal’s eye-catching interiors and custom furniture design have garnered recognition and accolades from numerous industry groups across Australia, New Zealand and the UK, and his work has taken him to Trinidad and the USA, too. In this session, Mal will share an international view of design and the application of elements across the globe.

Susanna Bilardo (Enoki): Susanna Bilardo is Designer/Director at Enoki in Adelaide. The company is a multi-disciplinary firm specialising in both Visual Communication AND Interior Architecture, and Susanna will be contributing her points of view on design from both perspectives.

Agatha Ozhylovski (Agatha O House of Design): With two decades of experience designing residential, boutique development and high end commercial markets, Agatha has some well thought out design principles to share. Her interest in environmental behaviour neuroscience and the way in which it can be applied in interior design will add an additional perspective to this panel discussion.

Amanda Balmer (Wax Designs): Education, play and sustainability are large components of Amanda’s project portfolio, and her positions on the Play Australia SA and National Boards are evidence of her commitment to creating play environments which deliver engaging, interactive, informative and all accessible landscapes. We’ll learn how the application of the elements of design apply in this particular area.



Agatha Ozhylovski is the creative director behind AgathaO House of Design. Agatha infuses art, music, and fashion every step of the way. She believes in a Vogue way of living, working and playing; where design is defined by people, lifestyle and culture.

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