DISPLAY HOME IN HOME MAGAZINE - sa’s ultimate guide to display homes 2011-12

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‘Combining traditional character with the convenience and a luxury modern dwelling’ ‘Every detail has been carefully considered, with stylistic features used throughout the house to contribute to the fresh, contemporary feel of the design’  2011-12 SOUTH AUSTRALIA’S ULTIMATE GUIDE TO DISPLAY HOMES

View last years South Australia’s ultimate guide to display homes Magazine 2012-13 'Living as a weekender or permanently in a country town is enhanced by the comfort and spacious design












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I don’t mean to be a rebel…  I’m not on a mission… it feels logical… to create a modern eclectic design, a mix of contemporary finishes with a  French/romantic influence, and a touch of the exotic from Asia.

Want to know how to get this interior design style for your home?

An eclectic design is often described as an opulent and an educated palate, because of its well travelled global influences. To create harmony between all elements you will need to embrace varies cultures, lifestyles and tends plus mix it up with bold and colourful patterns from places such as India, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Often when you walk into a home decorated in this style, it feels warm and inviting. Like you could be anywhere in the world.

Don't be afraid to use bright, bold colours and mix them with earthy tones. What's important is that you mix and match them. When it comes to windows and walls, accessorize them with bright long flowing curtains and bold wallpaper patterns. Don’t forget to throw in some vintage furniture and accessories like picture frames.
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Interior Design Made Easy! Create a space that complements your personality and enhances existing features

‘She was part Marie Antoinette, part Indian princess, part Chinese empress, part Jane and part Mata Hari. She was a character out of an exotic Hollywood movie. She was a citizen of the world – she could have been from anywhere… so exotic, so well travelled, she belonging not to one place but to everyplace. This is her style’ (Rebecca Moses from her book, A Life of Style)

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Agatha O designs unique colour schemes for interiors and exteriors of residential and commercial display homes



















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We believe your home is your family’s sanctuary. It is also a reflection of who you are and we custom design your home to suit your individual needs, lifestyle and cost expectations

















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Selecting finishes and colours to suit your personal style can sometimes be a challenge. We guide you through the process to create beautiful interiors

















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 I don’t mean to be a rebel…  I’m not on a mission… it feels logical… (is this you???)


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